Realizzazione di complesse strutture metalliche


Polymec Srl Polimeccanica Castellettese is a dynamic industrial reality specialized in the design and construction of mechanical constructions and metal structures. Conveyor belts, parcel and baggage sorting systems, helical slides, custom cuts and welding are just some of the many services that the polymechanical company offers. The quality of the materials used, the cutting-edge instrumentation and a professional staff complete the profile of an Italian company that has been a leader in the sector since 1993. There are numerous industries that have chosen Polymec Srl, synonymous with guarantee and quality, from design to manufacturing metal carpentry product. Each of its products complies with the high European standards to guarantee safe, reliable and long-lasting structures.


Scivoli elicoidali

per lo smistamento pacchi

Polymec Srl has invested in the development of technological solutions and latest generation equipment including lasers, shears, cropping machines, punching machines, for a fleet of machines capable of guaranteeing top-level results. This constant investment in technology, but also in research, has allowed the company to specialize in the construction of industrial ovens for plastic processing and powered ovens for large productions. Polymec Srl also manufactures cuts and weldings with extreme precision for mechanical constructions and metal parts intended for furnishing, both for interiors and exteriors. The company’s leading products include helical slides and conveyor belts including cabling and motorized and non-motorized roller conveyors.


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