Package and baggage sorting facilities

Polymec Polimeccanica Castellettese Ltd. boasts a state-of-the-art set of machinery, which is up-to-date with the latest development of the market. The company, which covers an area of 3000 square kilometres and has about 15 experienced members of staff, offers a wide range of products and mechanical constructions. Besides mechanical carpentry of various kinds, including high-precision carpentry, and production of industrial machines for plastics processing, Polymec Ltd. is specialized in solutions for couriers and airports. In particular, It manufactures conveyor systems and sorting facilities suitable for all kinds of goods: from small parcels to large packages, to suitcases. The designs are also provided with conveyor belts, wiring and roller conveyors either motorised or not.


Metallic structures for constructions and chutes

Polymec Ltd. boasts a long experience in manufacturing metallic structures for constructions, such as projecting roofs and warehouses, industrial machines and furnaces for plastics processing, as well as industrial food furnaces for large-scale production. The company executes also metallic parts for outdoor and indoor furnishings. The top products of the company include chutes, also said helicoid or spiral descenders. These devices are for transporting products, falling top-down, by preserving their structural integrity. They are requested in different industrial sectors, in particular in the food sector, whose products are extremely fragile and delicate.